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Four Ways to Practice Sustainability From Home

Hama Haki on Unsplash

You may be wondering about the environmental impact that your home may create. This is not a topic many people think about when consuming products or performing their daily tasks, but we must put our attention to this matter to ensure a healthy future for our planet.

I’ll be covering four methods to reduce your carbon footprint at home. Not only do these tips contribute to the well-being and sustainability of our environment, they also contribute to your property’s value by making your home stand out from the other homes for sale in Victoria, BC.

1) Energy Efficient Appliances

The appliances we’re using daily are consuming an abundant amount of energy. There really is no need for some of our appliances to consume as much energy as they do, and switching to energy-efficient appliances would solve this.

Appliances such as low-flush toilets and electric heaters will help reduce your carbon footprint by consuming less energy than traditional appliances, and will also increase the value of your property as it helps you or future owners save money on utility bills. Not a bad investment, especially with the current Victoria MLS.

Did you know that the city of Victoria is encouraging its citizens to switch to electric heaters? They are offering rebates for anyone who makes the switch to energy-efficient appliances to encourage sustainable practices. To learn more about how you can benefit from making the switch in Victoria, check out the programs and rebates that the city has to offer!

2) Planting Your Own Garden

With many companies using preservative chemicals on our fruits and vegetables, this is, believe it or not, ultimately harming our environment. By growing your own fruits and vegetables, you can grow your own produce for minimal cost, while contributing to our environment at the same time.

Have you ever grown your own fruits and vegetables? Home-grown produce is a lot more tasteful than what you can get at the local supermarket. Trust me.

You can also grow fruits and vegetables that are difficult to source or find, making you the go-to spot for any dish on the menu. On top of this, a cute personal garden is a fun way to make your home stand out to possible buyers looking for a property in Victoria, BC!

3) Rainwater Collector

Rainwater is literally free to collect and use, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of it? You can do this by investing in a water tank that collects rainwater, which you can use for many purposes.

Reusing rainwater is perfect for tasks such as landscaping and washing your clothes as the water used would be water collected directly from rainfall. Tasks such as landscaping can be hefty for your hydro bill, but using collected rainwater instead will actually help you reduce costs.

The best part about installing a rainwater collector is that you will be adding value to your home and saving on your bills, all at once. Worried about not collecting enough? Let me introduce you to Salt Spring Island real estate where you can expect it to rain at least twice a week.

4) Solar Panels

Last but not least, an extremely efficient way of producing and consuming energy is through the installation of solar panels. They are not only noiseless but friendlier to the environment when producing energy, unlike the alternative, nuclear power.

Installing solar panels on your homes would exponentially reduce your energy bills, and possibly even eliminate them completely. They can also be profitable as well, as you may also have the ability to sell electricity back to the power grid through having the ability to produce your own energy!

Although this process may be a costly investment, it is definitely worth it in the long run as it can increase your home value up to 4% on average. Not a bad return on investment when competing against other real estate listings in victoria canada


Through all methods mentioned, the value of the property can be increased as it becomes a sustainable home. You would be saving on those hefty utility bills and contributing to the overall well-being of our environment through these four methods.

With two important factors coming into play: Our environment and your investment, choosing sustainable approaches at home can be beneficial to both.

Wanna learn more about real estate? Let’s chat! I’m here to help you during this exciting time.